Sunday, June 24, 2007

Indy Bound

Hope everyone is having or had a nice weekend. Mine is just about over. Heading for the airport and on to Indianapolis for the week. Seems the client there feels all the issues with SAP conversion are complete and we can move forward. We shall see.

Got my few hours of minimal watering done this morning. Gosh it is no fun to roll out of bed on a Sunday morning before it is even light out and start tromping around the yard with the sprinkler. Everything important got a drink at least.

Thanks everyone for the Blogiversary wishes. Christy even noted it on Firedoglake. Wow!

I may get some time this evening in the hotel to spend a little time here. We shall see. I haven't had time to see what all of you are doing today and can't get too far behind.

BTW, if you think it will help you might look up your particular God, Gods or Goddesses and chat them up about a little peace. If you don't know any of the above just go out and talk to a tree or can't hurt.

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