Monday, November 12, 2007

Another Monday

Another Monday and back to the grind. Did my morning commute and am back at the client for another week. I was absolutely worthless this weekend. Madam is in Texas visiting an ailing aunt so I was a slovenly bachelor all weekend. I did do the dishes and straiten up before I left this morning so Madam wouldn't have a huge mess when she arrives home tomorrow. You and I both know that a man can't clean a kitchen properly but at least the big stuff is up.

I did try a new yeast roll recipe on Saturday...don't ask why I made two dozen fat rolls for one person...they turned out pretty nice and the good news is I only ate 4 or was it 5.

Everybody have a great week and here is a piece of advice. If you have a 401K or other investments that involve stocks or mutual funds...don't look at them. Trust me on this.

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