Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Drop Dead Important

Christy Hardin Smith has a very important post up today over at Firedoglake. I want to emphasize the point though.

The next election will most likely determine whether the entity we know and love as the United States of America continues to exist in even the vaguest resemblance of what our founding fathers intended and what had become an example for the rest of the world to emulate in many ways.

The current administration has turned our fair republic upside down. The First, Fourth and Sixth Amendments to the Constitution are in shreds. Our military is in trashed and our troops are dying for no reason everyday. We are a pariah nation and recognized globally as the number one threat to world peace. Our economy is shattered and we are hostage to China and others for at least a generation if not more. Millions in our country have no health insurance. Millions are unemployed or at best underemployed. The middle class in this country is gradually slipping back into lower class. The core of our government responsible for consumer safety, worker safety and security is a sham after being gutted and politicized by Bush and Cheney. Everywhere you look we are a lesser country than we were just 7 short years ago and we are still headed downward. There is no light at the end of the tunnel.

The leaders we elect in just 11 months and change will face a gigantic challenge and we don't have time for politics as usual. We don't have the luxury of "on-the-job" training. We don't have the luxury of even a misstep. The newly elected leadership will have to zero in on the problems created by Bush like a laser. They will need to be able to convince the majority of the country to accept the pain and sacrifice necessary to turn our ship around. Global Warming. War in the Middle East. Collapsing Economy. National Healthcare. Energy Crisis. All of these need and more immediate and decisive action.

We need to find and elect people capable of the challenge. We need to look beyond the spin and political posturing and focus on competence. We need to do everything we can to insure that the right people are elected. Democrat for sure, but the right Democrat.

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