Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Giuliani Gone?

Interesting dynamic going on in the MSM tonight. After Politico broke the story today about Giuliani charging the costs of his affair with Judith Nathan to agencies within the NY government and claiming "security" as the reason for cover-up it is the lead story on the FOX News Web site and on Drudge but not a peep on CNN which is doing the GOP debate tonight.

Why does CNN think they can keep the lid on a story they surely know about? All of the questions for tonight's debate are already decided and in the can so Giuliani won't have to deal with explaining why he thought it appropriate to charge his extramarital sex to government agencies mostly supposed to be aiding the poor. He can still prance around and pretend to be the frontrunner. However the public likes nothing better than sex and money in the same story so Rudy is going to have to deal with this tomorrow at the latest. This story has all the attributes of one with legs so he is not going to sweep it aside with tales of derring-do on 9/11. Should be very interesting to see if his campaign can survive this. When you have lost Roger Ailes and Matt Drudge where do you turn?

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