Thursday, November 15, 2007

Drought is Serious

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue is getting a lot of flak on the nets for his little pray for rain stunt the other day and deservedly so. That kind of stuff doesn't have a place in governance in this country. We did get a tiny bit of rain last night but nothing near what is needed.

All that aside, the current drought has claimed its first major victim. Pike Family Nurseries has filed for Chapter 11. Pike's is one of the largest privately owned nursery and garden stores in the country and they have a bunch of stores here in the Atlanta area. It will be a bad thing for all us gardeners if they go all the way down. Right now Pike's, Home Depot and Lowes are the only good sources of garden supply stuff and Pike's was nice in that it carried a nice line of organic garden supplies. Home Depot and Lowes sell pretty much the same stuff but the quality and knowledge of the sales personnel are really lacking.

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