Thursday, November 08, 2007

Morning George

I was wondering this morning as I was driving in to the client if, when George Bush gets up in the morning and picks up the paper or flips on Fox News, he ever ponders what his time in office has wrought upon America and the world. Do you think he ever says "shit, shit, shit" I am such a fuck-up that pretty much every sane person in the country thinks I'm an idiot?

I am so incompetent that the rest of the worlds is laughing(or crying) at what America has become. Nearly 4000 American boys and girls are dead and thousands more horribly disabled because I wanted to prove my manhood by attacking Iraq. Thousands in NOLA are still homeless and have had their lives wrecked because the people I put in place to help them were incompetent fools just like me. The American economy is poised for a recession if not a full blown depression and I am still spending a billion dollars a week on the credit card to play war in Iraq. Everything I touch turns to shit. The military is is shambles and the Middle East is going up in flames. My legacy will take generations to put right, if ever.

Nah...he probably just looks in the mirror and sees the leader of the free world, the embodiment of Churchill. He probably sees the shades of Lincoln, Washington and Reagan behind him with approving smiles. He's the "decider" and all is well on his watch. Look out Iran I'm gunnin' fer ya!

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