Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Chores

Another Friday of catching up. When you are out of town all week everything needs to be done on Friday. Madam is back from Texas with a Lone Star state sized cold so she is pretty punk. I have a dentist appointment first thing (just the 6 month cleaning and checkup) and then a whole line up of things to do.
Looks like the debate was pretty much a snoozer. I didn't watch but after reading some of the live blogs it seems that HRC held her own and no one really put out any ammo for the GOP to hang their hats on.
Telecom immunity looks to be a dead issue for the time being but it ain't over yet. There seems to be some spine taking root in the Democrats in Congress. This is good and we need to keep it up. Just send Bush the bills and let him veto his face off. The GOP will then have to fish or cut bait.
The American people want action and every time they see Bush and the GOP block progress it will register. Look out 2008.
We'll check back in here a bit later with something more substantive but in the meantime you can occupy your time with the good folks on the blog roll. You can probably even find a picture of a cat or two.

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