Saturday, November 17, 2007

House Moving

Never got back to the blogging yesterday. The Historical Society is trying to save one of the earliest houses in the area and yesterday was supposed to be moving day. The house movers said they would begin the move yesterday at one. One thing and then another and it finally got too dark to work. So my afternoon was spent waiting for the movers to get rolling. Maybe today. They still have one set of wheels left to put on and then I think they will get it going. I'll post some pics.

The bad thing is I ignored a lot of the things I was supposed to do yesterday and so this morning I have time card, expense report, general accounting and electronic bill payment scheduling to do. It is the twice monthly task to make sure "outgo" is not greater than "ingo". Sure seems that it is getting harder to do.

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Carter said...

Love the JFK quote! I'm glad you got your house moving done!