Friday, November 23, 2007

Slug Day

Pretty much of a slug today. After two plus days of getting ready for the the 30 minute feeding frenzy didn't feel like much activity. The Thanksgiving dinner was good and the offspring took a good share home. Still plenty of pie left over for anyone so inclined.

Finished Molly's posthumous book today. Her tales of abuse of the Bill of Rights by the government since 9/11 is enough to make your blood boil. How can this crap be happening my America? Short book but worth the read.

Rented"La Vie en Rose' today(a film about the life of Edith Piaf). While it was in French with English subtitles it was still a pretty enjoyable movie. My French is horrid so I was grateful for the subtitles. I can recommend it for those so inclined.

Haven't spent much time on the tubes today but I can recommend a visit to Adgitadiaries which as usual has a provocative piece about the current state of affairs. A good read as usual.

We did get some rain yesterday and it is much appreciated (thank you Goddess). Now we need another year or so of the same stuff. Madam and I are making a conscious effort to conserve but I often wonder just how many of our elected officials are foregoing a flush. When there are no "solids" to send away you are supposed to refrain. said some thing about 17 milllion gallons of water used by metro Altanta daily and I was off by a factor of ten. You definitely can't truck in that much.

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