Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cherry Picking on Health Care

You are seeing more and more comment and misinformation on the changes needed to the American health care system. You care seeing a constant dialogue from the "no changers" who are trying to change the argument from Americans needing good, affordable health care to arguments about cost, rationing and even welfare queens. You are also seeing horror stories about "socialized medicine" and the lack of care and poor quality. The "no changers" insist on comparing the US and the UK when it comes to health care but the reality is that there's really very little in common with the US and UK in terms of health care today or even in an Obama-sponsored system.

What you will not see from the "no changers" is any comparison with the French system where there is a mix of public/private. The "no changers" don't want anyone to look too closely at the French because the French system is consistently rated among the best in the world. Which makes many of the lies the "no changers" use very inconvenient. How much French-bashing can you do when the French health care system is number one and the system in the US, which the "no changers" want to preserve, comes in at number 37 and even the much derided system in the UK comes in at number 18. I mean really, what does it say about the US system if it's so far behind a failing system like the UK's NHS? That should be enough answer for anyone.


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