Monday, May 11, 2009

Foiling teh Birds

I hope everyone had a great weekend...I see Cookie Jill has been de-evacuated since the fires in Santa Barbara are under control.
Got a late start on the tubes this morning since mini monk(daughter) volunteered to come by after she got off shift and help move the giant slices of pine tree that have been littering the back forty since she and her mates cut down my leaning tree. About all you could do with them was roll them where they needed to be. We now have a huge stack of pine logs along the western fence. In twenty years or so it will be great compost! Thanks MM!
I think I finally have a solution to the birds and my garden. I have fashioned 'tents' of poultry wire fifteen feet long. The fencing is two feet wide so folding it down the middle makes a little one foot high tent. This gets placed over the seeds until they pass the get pulled by bird stage. Initial tests seem promising. I will use them for the corn (when the new seed arrives) and then shift it to the next replanting of butter peas. The birds left the other beans alone but for some reason they treated the butter pea shoots the same as the corn shoots. Devils!

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