Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Give Peas a Chance

Tonight we have the first of the English peas for dinner. Here is a picture of today's harvest all shelled and ready for a bit of steam and a dash of butter. Mr. Duff will note that they are appropriately posed on the proper English tea towel...this one collected in the quaint town of Swaby in Lincolnshire where we have friends.

Other than picking and shelling the peas(with assist from Madam) and getting the weekly bread rising, I have been rather a slug today. I think I worked too hard over the weekend but the garden shows the effort. Only a few weeds. The weekend saw the main crop cantaloupe and fall pumpkins planted. The second planting of corn is up and so far, knock on wood, the improvised 'tents' of poultry wire seem to be defending against marauders. The main crop of Dixie butterpeas are also up and doing well. The first planting didn't do well and it must have been just too cool for them to germinate properly. Still overcast with intermittent showers and as much as I hesitate to say it we do need sun for a few days.

So I am off to peel a few potatoes for boiling. You must have potatoes with peas along with a garden salad with the last of the French breakfast radishes. It's getting too warm to plant more so that is the last until fall. Probably only a mess of two of peas are forthcoming as the warm weather shuts them down in a hurry but here in Georgia we can get a fall crop as well.

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