Friday, May 08, 2009

Damn Smart Birds

Mother Nature won one today and demonstrated once again why gardening, while overall very rewarding, can sometimes be hugely frustrating. I had rushed to get all my corn planted before the recent predicted rain and was successful. Yesterday the first new shoots of corn were peaking through the ground and today a good 70% were up and on their way. About an hour ago I discovered that some bird or birds seem to know that when they see the corn shoots that there is also a kernel of corn just beneath the surface. Sometime this morning the culprits pulled up at least half of the new shoots and consumed the tasty morsel at the bottom leaving the two tender green shoots laying there. Needless to say I am disappointed. Madam and I have covered the remaining corn with deer netting and we'll see if that stops the destruction. I have also ordered more seed corn from Seed Savers so we can start again. Spit!

I was going to post today on the new addition to the garden in the picture we put in place yesterday but now that he has proven an utter failure and completely incompetent I will pass.

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