Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Try to Go Natural

Thanks to Cookie Jill we have one more reason to eschew prepared and packaged foods.

May 15, 2009 -- To the growing list of chemicals showing up in human blood, a new study adds compounds that make food wrappers grease-proof.

Called diPAPs, these chemicals are fairly new and scientists don't yet know if they are harmful to human health. But diPAPs break down into another worrisome chemical, called PFOA, which may be carcinogenic.

The food industry has been rushing stuff into the marketplace for years without proper testing and with little concern for our health and giant concerns for their bottoms lines. This is just one more reason, in a long line, to avoid packaged foods. This includes fresh foods that the store insists on packaging in bundles(so that you have to buy six instead of the two you need). The closer to natural the better is always a good rule.

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