Thursday, May 28, 2009

Raining Weed Seeds

Right now the sun is out here in the Northern Atlanta burbs but the forecast is for another day of scattered showers and thunderstorms. Last night, as has been the case for what seems like weeks, we had another 'frog strangler'. It came down so hard and fast that it washed a lot of the wood chip mulch from between the garden rows. You can see the path of the torrent through the garden as the flood made it's way down the very gentle slope. I have some redistribution of chips in my immediate future.

All of the rain has generated another gangbuster crop of weeds. Sometime I think it must rain the seeds. Mostly morning glory and milkweed with a dash of Queen Anne's lace thrown in for good measure. In spite of all the mulching and weeding this past weekend I now have a fresh crop that needs attention. It is, needless to say, not my favorite part of gardening.

On the 'spiritual side' however, all the time in quiet activities in the garden with no distractions and the near mindless activity of weeding has moved what I call my 'consciousness dial' a good way higher. Quiet contemplation has a way of moving your consciousness more toward the harmony side of the dial. Pretty much everything else in today's world, news, TV and all the rest strives hard to de-sensitize you to the universe and your vibrations don't resonate like they should. In spite of what you read and hear, gurus, teachers, masters or whatever are really a hindrance in a person's spiritual evolution. They are more than likely, and usually are, a distraction. One's movement toward harmony and resonance with the universe is and should be a strictly personal thing. Occasionally, a teacher may provide a useful hint or remind you of the proper path like a sign post along the road but the actual journey is something you have to do by yourself. Time alone in the garden is an excellent way to negate the dehumanizing effects of the modern world and allow yourself a little spiritual expansion. I recommend it highly. Not only do you get a kick in the ass toward a little spiritual growth you get the benefit of fresh fruit and vegetables. You cannot find a better spiritual master than a little dirt under the fingernails and the hot sun on your shoulders.

The picture is 'Moon of Enlightenment' by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi and is a good illustration of my point about spiritual masters above. Don't mistake the finger pointing at the moon as the moon.

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