Thursday, May 21, 2009

What Josh Said

As you may or may not know, Darth Cheney is going to rebut President Obama'a speech today about closing GITMO. Josh Marshall at TPM reminds us about who and what Cheney really is. We should all keep this in mind for reference as the mainstream media talking heads vainly attempt to put Cheney on an equal footing with Obama. You should read the entire post but I especially like the middle two paragraphs.

This is someone who not only organized and seemingly directed a policy of state-sponsored torture. He did it in large part to get people to admit to crankish conspiracy theories he got taken in by by a crew of think-tank jockeys in DC whose theories most even half way sensible people treated as punch lines of jokes. So it's Torquemada or 1984 but only after getting rescripted by Mel Brooks.

This is an extremely gullible man who has just come off being the driving ideological force in an administration that most people can already see produced more fiascos and titanic, self-inflicted goofs than possibly any in our entire history. By any standard the guy is a monumental failure -- and not one whose mistakes stem in some Lyndon Johnson fashion from tragic overreach, but just a fool who damaged his country through his own gullibility, paranoia and bad judgment. Whatever else you can say about the Cheney story it ain't Shakespearean.

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