Friday, April 02, 2010

Gardening Day!

Finally the garden is dry enough to work and I have loads of work to do. Till it all. Plant leeks, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. Get the beds ready for peppers and tomatoes and if I can, get the beds ready for the rest of the spring garden. Still two weeks before that last frost date here in North Georgia so I won't be putting anything tender in. Even though it has been in the 70's for the last couple of days (actually hit 81 yesterday and is expected again today) the ground is still too cool for tomatoes and peppers. They will just sit there until the ground warms enough so you don't gain anything by planting them too early. Still waiting for my potato starts from Parks but I called and they are shipping today.

In short, I will be scarce for a couple days whilst I play in the dirt. There is a chance of rain tomorrow(20%) so I may be thwarted but I am feeling lucky. If I don't see you before the weekend and if you celebrate it...have a nice Easter and don't eat too many chocolate bunnies.

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