Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Talking Turkey

I promised a picture of the wild turkey that showed up yesterday. She(I think) wandered all around and didn't seem at all concerned that I followed her around with the camera. She was just on the other side of my fence in the vacant lot next door rummaging around in the forsythia and not more than 12 feet away. She then jumped up on a log and posed for this shot. I had the 55-200mm VR lens on but could have taken this with the 18-55mm she was so close. We've seen her before but never this close. There are many a time I have tried to get shots of wild turkeys from 100's of yards away but they always disappear when they spot you. She seemed as curious about Madam and me as we were about her. Anyhow, here is the best of the 60 or so pics I got of her as she meandered the property. It is always amazing to see this kind of wildlife living in an urban area like metro Atlanta.

Note: you can click on the image to 'embiggen'.

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