Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Little Rain

Rain off and on today so it is a day of rest. Trying to catch up on my reading (300 posts in the reader this morning). The rain is good though, as I was beginning to think I needed to set up a watering regimen.

So far the big news seems to be that Sarah Palin is still crazy and completely clueless about the thinking and intent of the Founding Fathers when it comes to the separation of church and state. Seems she wants us to be some kind of theocracy like Iran. Maybe she needs to read a little Heinlein.

Seems the airlines are winning the battle over whether it is safe to fly jet engines through volcanic ash clouds. NATO and Finland have both had damage to test flights and Boeing itself insists that your are crazy to try and fly jet aircraft through the stuff. This doesn't seem to matter to the airlines who are forcing the European governments to open up airspace. Germany seems seems to be holding the line. There is going to be hell to pay if one of these planes go down from acute engine failure by forcing the game. Let's hope not.

Goldman Sachs is even shittier than we all thought and to top it  off they've announce a new round of bonuses. Great timing guys.

Tom Tancredo thinks we ought to ship President Obama back to Kenya and some of the conservatives in Arizona want to repeal the 19th amendment.  The crazy keeps on coming.

I have been trying to figure out UK politics but so far all it seems now is that the Brits are going to get a government that 2/3's of them don't want.

The turkey I posted about a couple of days ago is now 'in residence'. She(?) has been outside every morning and appearing all through the day. Seems she has realized that there is water, shelter, and food. The birds drop a lot of sunflower seeds under the feeders which she seems to find tasty. She has also discovered that the humans sometimes throw out stale bread and it just lays on the ground ready to eat. Madam still insists I can't have chickens so I guess I am going to have to settle for a turkey.

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