Sunday, April 18, 2010

Making Progress

It was just a few weeks ago that I was wringing my hands over how wet it was and that I would never get the garden in. I have been at it hard during this dry spell and much progress has been made. All the tomato, pepper, squash, and okra plants are in the ground. A bunch of other vege seeds are in as well. I get to slack off a bit now work at a slower pace but what is done looks nice and everything seems to be taking well to the transplanting. Seems strange to be watering now after so much rain.

Knocked off early today as we have to go see Mini Monk in her belly dancing show. Madam has her all made up and she looks the part. I haven't seen any serious belly dancing since I was dragging my dumbfounded 20 year old carcass around the many cabarets in the Middle East. Quite an eye opener for a small town Southern boy and yes I bought my fair share of 'drinks' for the ladies. I had a real thing going for an Egyptian dancer at the Miami cabaret in Nicosia until the embassy security officer informed me that she worked for the KGB and maybe I should steer clear but Sophie was a very fine dancer and very friendly. Anyhow, off to the 'rain locker' to get cleaned up for the show.

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