Tuesday, April 06, 2010

It's Still Full Out Gardening

Still full out gardening here at Chez Fallenmonk. All the tomatoes and peppers were transplanted into bigger pots yesterday. Today we till some more and try and get the rows set up for further planting. That's why it is so quiet around here. Supposed to set a record high today of 85. Pretty warm for the first week of April. There was a frost this time last year when Madam and I were headed to Augusta for a day at the Masters. The cabbage and broccoli aren't too happy with the warm weather and my pak choi(Chinese cabbage) is trying to bloom of all things and believe it or not I may have to water a bit. Very strange.

Tragedy in West Virginia at another Massey mine. These disasters really hit close to home since I come from a coal mining family. Our thoughts are with the families, some of which lost multiple members in the explosion. Let's hope this time somebody gets tough with the Massey folks. The last big coal mine murder in W.Va in 2006 happened in one of their mines as well. Bastards!

Off to the garden once again with promises to Madam to carry water and my phone. It should rain on Thursday and allow me a day of rest. Meanwhile you guys play nice.

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