Monday, April 26, 2010

Lost Weekend

I woke up with a bad tum tum on Saturday morning and it toasted my weekend. I can't point ant anything I might have eaten that caused it but I was pretty miserable all weekend. It was convenient that Mother Nature decided that Saturday was a good day to catch up on the rainfall for April. Judging from my remaining plant trays I would say we got over an inch or more of rain on Saturday. We were lucky to dodge the bad weather that Mississippi and Alabama suffered. We had some wind and lightning but nothing really bad.

Feeling much better today and actually ate something more than canned peaches and cottage cheese for dinner last night. Saturday all I ate was chicken broth and crackers.

I did venture down to the garden this morning and while it is way too wet to work in( I might pull a few weeds though), it did survive the storms and heavy rains pretty well. Actually, it is beginning to look like a garden. I took a picture this morning as you can see. Now if we can just get some normal spring temperatures for a few weeks maybe I will actually get some spring vegetables. The Chinese cabbages have all decided it's high summer and gone to seed so I need to replant something there.

So if you have been wondering where your beloved blogger has been lately....see the picture. As usual you can click on it for more detail.

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