Monday, April 12, 2010

Still Alive

Yes I am still alive. Been gardening along with Madam. I measure and she plants. Lots of progress but still a lot more to do.

On the positive side...I didn't run out today and get a KFC Double Down. I didn't think of Sarah Palin even once today until I sat down at the PC this evening.

A wild turkey came to visit us in the garden today. I guess she was wondering what all the hubbub was about. Pictures soon.

69 tomato plants are in the ground, mulched with composted manure and ready to rock. We started on the peppers but I think the total will be more like 40. Only a dozen eggplant in but Madam is the only aubergine lover in this family so it should be plenty.

I've bummed my right knee somehow so I am limping about and not nearly as effective in the garden as I should be. I rethought my plan to have tomatoes at 3 foot between rows and changed to 5 feet. This required massive amounts of raking and moving dirt which is where I think the knee went south. I just remembered how hard it was to pick tomatoes when the rows didn't allow any walking space and decided to combine every two rows into one. Big job but it looks nice.

The Dow made an impressive rise today...just imagine what it would be like if Obama wasn't so bad for the economy.

It's nine thirty and I am dust and am struggling to keep my eyes open. Day after day of fresh air and hard work seem to make getting a good night's sleep very easy. It think I will join Madam in the sack. She is so tired she turned off 'Dancing with the Stars'! I hear a gentle snore which I will soon augment with mine.

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