Wednesday, June 09, 2010

BP Overlooks A Few Details

It should come as no surprise that there was very little reality built into BP's disaster planning.  This is just another example of the fallacy of  'self regulation' which the GOP defends so dearly. The AP did a detailed analysis of the BP disaster plan and found a few discrepancies.I think is is more than time for BP to hand over the checkbook and let someone less obviously incompetent/willfully negligent get the job done.
Professor Peter Lutz is listed in BP's 2009 response plan for a Gulf of Mexico oil spill as a national wildlife expert. He died in 2005.

Under the heading "sensitive biological resources," the plan lists marine mammals including walruses, sea otters, sea lions and seals. None lives anywhere near the Gulf.

The names and phone numbers of several Texas A&M University marine life specialists are wrong. So are the numbers for marine mammal stranding network offices in Louisiana and Florida, which are no longer in service.

BP PLC's 582-page regional spill plan for the Gulf, and its 52-page, site-specific plan for the Deepwater Horizon rig are riddled with omissions and glaring errors, according to an Associated Press analysis that details how BP officials have pretty much been making it up as they go along. The lengthy plans approved by the federal government last year before BP drilled its ill-fated well vastly understate the dangers posed by an uncontrolled leak and vastly overstate the company's preparedness to deal with one.

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