Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Putting By Pickles

Another batch of pickles done. These are a bit of an experiment. They are dills but I soaked the spears in hydrated lime water for 24 hours. You do this to make crisp sweet pickles so I am going to see if it works to heighten the crispness of dills. None of my dill pickle recipes suggest liming so it will be an interesting test. I only have a few cucumber vines but they seem to be up to the task right now. Goddess knows what I will do with all the cucumbers when all the hills I planted the other day start producing. All the plants are already up with all the heat and moisture so it should be but a month or so until the cukes start coming. Seeing has how the new plants number about 10 times what I have producing now (if not more) I'm liable to be inundated.

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