Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Medico Day

Been doing the doctor thing today. Won't know all the details until the blood work comes back but it was very red so I think its fine. Madam Doctor insisted that I also have an EKG when I explained about the health insurance and she gave me a referral for a colonoscopy...oh boy!. I'll have to see if I can get it scheduled before the end of the month so that I can get the insurance to cover it. Who knows how much it would cost me otherwise. I've had one but it was just the lower 1/3 type so she wants all the plumbing examined. Funny really since if it does show anything untoward I won't be able to have anything done about it without insurance. Whatever. One good thing is that she loaded me up on the one prescription drug I take that doesn't have a generic...Actos for blood sugar. Without insurance it is going to set me back $240 a month so that one may be on the chopping block until Medicare in 5 years. You can get a generic in Canada and Europe but, of course, not here in the good old U.S. but we do have the best medical care in the world right?

I also had the eyeballs checked and they are looking OK as well. My vision has even improved a hair since my last visit. I ordered new lenses for the glasses since my current ones are breaking down and some of the coating is peeling. They offer you a super duper coating for the lenses but it doubles the price and just the lenses are nearly 200 bucks. I have good titanium frames that aren't really showing the 3 years wear so lenses will do me just fine for now.

So I've had my tune-up and we'll take the no insurance ride until Medicare.

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