Monday, June 14, 2010

Still Flowing

Well the oil is still flowing from the well in the Gulf and news reports this morning indicate that not only is the well not under control but that the sea floor around the well is fractured and leaking oil and gas as well. This is not good. If the well structure is damaged, as is believed, then even the relief wells will have limited effect in controlling the oil coming out and now we hear that even the relief wells may not be functioning until December. The news just keeps getting worse and we know we don't know what BP is not telling us.

It is nice to see the President Obama getting more engaged and threatening BP with escrow requirements but the reality is that no matter how much money is poured on this mess nothing is going to repair the damage to the ecosystem and lives along the coast and who knows what else. Whole species of turtle may be gone forever and an unknown number of fish, shellfish and bird populations may never recover. We like to think that enough money will solve any problem but the harsh reality is that is won't. The true effects of this disaster will never be known and surely not accounted for by BP or anyone else.

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