Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's Now Summer

Just barely noon and it is 88F with 85% humidity. Went out early to get a little gardening in and after just a few minutes picking beans I was soaking wet. I grow Mountain White Half Runners for my green beans and while a nice tender bean they have a tendency to come all at once. I have been picking a gallon or more a day for the last few days and now I have to do something with them. I had to compost some of the beans we froze last year. One, they were Kentucky Wonders and Madam and I have decided they are just too stringy and tough. Two, they were frozen 'wet' in bags after blanching and they didn't have much texture after freezing. The half runners and Maxibel beans we froze were much better but still nowhere close to a fresh bean. This year I think we will try freezing them on a tray loose before bagging and see if they stay a little better and I am going to cut the blanching time in half as well to see if I can preserve some measure of crispness.
The first of the cucumbers have been picked so it will be a cuke and Vidalia onion salad for dinner. I mentioned the old fashioned way of preparing them with just oil and vinegar and sugar and a bit of salt. Might be my favorite salad of all time. A little fresh parsley is a nice addition as well.
Should have a tomato or two in the next couple of days. It looks like the Roma tomatoes will win the race this year but the Cherokee Purple are not far behind.
Speaking of squash I did stuffed patty pan and yellow crooknecks last night for dinner. Just for some variety I stuffed the patty pans with a mixture of blue cheese, walnuts, bread crumbs and an egg yolk and the crooknecks got Greek feta, Kalamata olives, bread crumbs, egg yolk, fresh oregano and olive oil. All baked until just done. Very nice. BTW Trader Joes has authentic Greek Feta in resealable little tubs that is a very good value. The domestic feta you find most places pales in comparison to the real stuff. One the domestic is made with cow's milk and real feta is made with sheep's milk. It makes a world of difference. The little tubs allows you to keep it submerged in the brine so it stays perfect for weeks and weeks, if it lasts that long.

Wish you guys were here to share in the harvest it would be great to have a big feast of "dinner from the garden' with all my friends.

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