Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cookie Deadlines

I just realized that I have just about run out of time before the annual "Flea Fling" this weekend. It's a big fund raiser for the Historical Society...lots of donated stuff to buy...a large multi family garage sale as it were. I promised to bake biscotti again this year and since I will be on the set up crew Friday that means today and tomorrow are the only two days I have left to bake a few batches. I normally just do walnut and cranberry but I think this year I will also so some pecan and apricot just for some variety. They are always a big hit and sell out so it is a worthwhile effort. Starbuck's donates the coffee for the event and these biscotti are terrific with it. I also have a new chocolate cookie recipe from this month's Saveur that I am going to try and if it is nice I will bake a few batches of those as well....everybody loves chocolate(especially moi!). I'll share the recipe here as well if they are a good as the picture in the mag.

All my garden work is up to date(more or less) so I am going to go fire off the oven and get a few batches of cookies out of the way.

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