Saturday, September 25, 2010

Not Fall Until Tomorrow

Still supposed to reach 90F today so I won't accept that it is fall yet. Supposed to cool down by 10 degrees tomorrow however. Going to spend the morning undoing stupid in the garden. I dumped my kitchen compost bin into one of raised beds a while back. Two weeks ago I tilled it and planted carrots and spinach in it. Today I will spend a couple of hours pulling out tiny tomato plants...hundreds if not thousands of them. The compost evidently didn't get hot enough to kill the gazillions of tomato seeds that wound up there during all of  our canning this summer. I should have known better but it looked composted enough. Fortunately tomato seedlings are pretty easy to spot and quite different than either spinach or carrots...tedious but not impossible. The things is that every time I till this bed now I will have to deal with a new flush of tomatoes...probably for a couple of years tomato seeds are very resilient. Bummer.
It does remind me of a neighbor who had a couple of loads of supposedly composted stuff spread on his lawn a few years ago. Much to his chagrin it was was mostly waste from a vegetable processing plant and it wasn't long before he had an entire lawn of tomatoes, cucumbers and sundry other stuff.

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