Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kitchen's Busy

Suddenly the kitchens' busy. Yesterday was our friend Kelly's birthday party which required a large bowl of guacamole. Today is a little birthday thing for Mini Monk. She had to come down this way to trim some horses' feet nearby so the whole bunch came and we'll have a little celebration. Have to do her favorites so it is mac and cheese(the old fashioned kind made with a bechamel). Wiener Schnitzel, grilled pineapple, yeast rolls and an apple tart for pudding.
Wednesday I am catering a luncheon for a friend's book club meeting, about 24 ladies. Wild mushroom lasagna with homemade spinach pasta and smoked mozzarella and prosciutto. Individual pecan pies and cheese cakes for dessert. I'll make the spinach lasagna noodles tomorrow and the whole casserole on Tuesday so I'll just have to bake it Wed morning. The dough for the rolls can be made Tuesday as well and so can the desserts. I have to ready to be at the venue by ten am so I won't have much time to fuss around on Wednesday.
Like I said I'll be in the kitchen for a few days.

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