Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Six Weeks

It's six weeks until the mid term elections. The latest Gallup generic, for what it is worth, has the Dems with a 1% majority. Yeah, yeah the suits say the recession is over but millions are still  under/unemployed and millions have or will lose their homes and it still looks like Social Security, Medicare and a whole host of social programs are going to take a hit. The electorate is cranky and disillusioned and regardless of the progressive stuff accomplished so far, in spite of the GOP, the party in power usually takes a punch in the mid terms if things are not going well...regardless of whose fault it is.
All I want to say is that all you disillusioned progressives and Obama supporters or independents that are not enthused about the upcoming election had better get off your 'glass half empty asses' and hold your noses and vote for anyone but a Republican and especially a tea party Republican. What they are planning to do and can do if they reach a majority is criminal and will set the U.S. back generations more than they have already. We have so much to lose if they win it is virtually unthinkable.

Just vote.

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