Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quiet, Very Quiet

Yeah, it's quiet around the old Fallenmonk place. I'm trying to take advantage of the little spell of coolish weather to get the garden back to some reasonable order. All the tomatoes are out and the area tilled. Cabbage and broccoli are all planted and the beets and turnips are going in today. Carrots and spinach are just peaking through in the raised beds and the peas are soaking for planting tomorrow. Chard, lettuce and the like are going into their little peat pots this afternoon and will ready for the garden in a couple of weeks. Supposed to get back into the daytime 90's over the next few days but thankfully the nighttime temperatures are supposed to fall into the low sixties... these cool nights will help get the soil temperature down to something the plants can live with. Still no rain the forecast as far as the eye can see.

Besides, on the news front things are so stupid as to defy description. We have shifted into a cartoon somehow and what's even worse the writing is awful. Very painful to see the country go down the tubes like this...better for me to pay attention to something I can watch grow and eat.

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