Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hold Your Nose and Vote

Digby says it better than I but...

Here is the thing. We can all agree that, so far, the Obama administration and the Democratically controlled Congress haven't managed to turn the U.S. into Valhalla. You'll get no argument from me about how disappointing things have gone. Doubling down in Afghanistan really sucks. The half-assed medical insurance bill was truly disappointing in almost every way. Don't Ask Don't Tell is still there. The FDA is still hamstrung over food safety and we don't have anything near a coherent climate bill. The list goes on and on and is disappointing at every turn. A lot of this is due to the President's obstinate insistence on bipartisanship but a lot is due to the insane antics of the GOP and the broken rules of the Senate. There are multiple reasons things aren't coming up roses for us progressives. I'm not happy and you're not happy but the fact that we could be happier is no reason to get stupid.

If Democrats, Independents and other progressives stay away from the polls this election because they didn't get everything they wanted in the first two years of Obama's tour and turn the reigns of Congress back over to the insane GOP then the only word for it is stupid. The way forward is going not backward. Even one step in the proper direction, or even a half step is better than turning around and heading for the dark ages, which is truly what we will be doing if we let these certifiably insane people get back in power. The results of GOP governance are as plain as day and we are living with that result today, with recession, high unemployment and the threat of a deflationary spiral clearly there. Because of the GOP we are still fighting two wars and facing trillions of dollars of unnecessary debt. Regardless of whether we want to admit it or not the 8 years of George Bush and GOP rule have made the U.S. a second class nation that is daily falling further and further behind other more wisely governed countries. If you think that turning away from the Democrats, as bad as they are right now, and turning toward the GOP and the Tea Party crazies is the answer you are one sick puppy and should really seek some professional help.

This election is not about rewarding the Democrats and Obama for a job well done or punishing them for a job poorly done  but one of defense and voting for the least evil and distasteful. Put your disappointment in your pocket and realize that not voting Demoratic and returning the GOP to power is the worst possible of all scenarios for the country. As badly as you and I feel we have been betrayed by Obama and the Dems, and we have, it is nothing compared to screwing we will get from the Republicans.

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