Sunday, July 01, 2012

Missed Again

The forecast was for 103F but we saw 106F. Brutal heat and the garden is showing the strain. The birds are having a field day with the tomatoes. Every other ripe  tomato is pecked with a big hole in one side. They may be doing it for the moisture but it is wreaking havoc with my tomato harvest. I watered a bit today but it is getting hard to keep ahead of the heat. The trials of gardening.
One of the raiders broke an entire branch of tomatoes off..most of which were green... which meant that we had fried green tomatoes for dinner. The first this year and very nice. I., believe it or not, didn't have any buttermilk for the drench but I did have kefir which turned out very well. Madam and I both ate too much but they sure were good...and yes, before you ask, I have had fried green tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe in Juliette, Ga but mine are better. I just don't have the ambiance.


larkohio said...

Roasting in Ohio, too.  Plus we had a bad storm, with tons of power outages.  There are trees down, and close to 100 all next week.  Welcome to summer.

karmanot said...

Do you drench them with corn meal or flour?

fallenmonk said...

 A dredge mixture of 50/50 corn meal and flour. Drench them in buttermilk. cook over medium heat in pan with extra virgin olive oil until golden. I put a dash of hot pepper sauce in the buttermilk and season the flour/cornmeal mixture with salt, pepper and paprika.