Monday, July 18, 2005

Blog Birth and Death

A new group blog is born from the cosmic dust named Cosmic Variance the bloggers include Sean Carroll formerly of Preposterous Universe world famous blogger from Orange Quark the dashing Mark Trodden, a former Preposterous Universe guest-blogger Risa Wechsler, and two blogging newbies, JoAnne Hewett and Clifford Johnson.
While all of these folks are physicists I wouldn't let that bother you. I have read Sean's blog for some time and while there is the science there is a lot of other good stuff too. Not to often do you get to pal around with guys that get to play with particle accelerators. If you play nice they may even let you borrow the keys some afternoon.
Welcome to the blogosphere.
Oh! as to the death part, Sean probably won't be posting stuff over at the PU anymore and I don't know about Mark and the Quark.

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