Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Goddess Winks and Shimmies

Mark Morford has some fun today at the expense of marketers who are frustrated
that men aren't exactly conforming to typical behaviors and stereotypes and maybe, just maybe, there's some sort of evolution going on
the world is drifting toward a more feminine perspective, many of the social constructs men have taken for granted are undergoing significant shifts or being outright dismantled,

Because while many men (red state boy-men in particular) may be confused as to their exact role as the divine feminine continues to re-assert herself in the new millennium and pump the conscious male genome with the hot spark of yonic awareness, for most of us with a sense of wry hungry yearning, this cultural confusion means one thing and one thing only: fewer boundaries.
(Oh and btw, you want incredibly obvious proof of the divine feminine's re-emergence? That's easy. Just look at the current sociopolitical climate, the raging right-wing intolerance and sexual dread, the desperate clinging of the GOP to old, stagnant, misogynist roles. Notice the frantic machinations, the fear of nipples and dildos and gender fluctuations, the uptight homophobia of the Christian evangelical sects, the frantic refusal to let go of sexist, prehistoric '50s mentalities. This is the biggest sign of all. When the most morally rigid among us get scared, something divinely juicy is always afoot)
All while the divine feminine winks and shimmies and slides deeper into the cultural consciousness, as cliches and stereotypes crumble for both genders and the old neoconservative guard flusters and whines and morally masturbates itself into oblivion and utter irrelevance.
marketers appear more like Christian Republicans at a Wiccan festival. Which is to say, lost and angry and vaguely threatened, unable to decipher the symbols, baffled by the raw manly funk, blanker than George W. Bush staring at a Shakespeare folio.

I did take some liberties with the order of quotes but this is an especially good Morford column.


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