Sunday, July 10, 2005

Rainy Day Memories

Nice and rainy here as Dennis comes our way. Had to go downtown last night for a big todo wedding at the Biltmore. Very posh and nice. Had to battle a big storm on the way and traffic was so bad on Georgia 400 I decided to exit and go Piedmont all the way. What a trip. Try and imagine heading down Peachtree Street in Atlanta in the middle of a frog strangler and with all the traffic lights out. HolyMoly. We made it and the storm was all gone by time to go home.
So while none of you needed to know that little bit of information I thought I would share another picture with you since I was successful with the last one. This one is in honor of MandT and Jane, Adgitadairies and Firedoglake, respectively, since we have been talking about BBQ and all.
I dedicate these baby back ribs to the memory of Ike and I forgive Jane the "one good thing from the South" comment. Enjoy!
The apotheosis of dead pig. July 4th, 2005

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