Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Florida is Doubly Blessed

More fun in Florida...You know you guys are really doubly blessed. Not only do you have George Bush as President but you have his brother as your Governor. I am not sure I could stand so much good fortune personally.
Here is the latest good fortune bestowed upon you. Ain't you got fun...

TALLAHASSEE — Just before Father's Day, Gov. Jeb Bush announced that he wanted every public school in Florida to host a Christian-based program designed to increase fathers' participation in their children's lives.

The program, All Pro Dad, combines a biblical foundation with the draw of popular professional athletes to promote the belief that "the father is the head of the household" and that men should rely on God to help them be better parents and keep their marriages intact. It also encourages Bible reading.

"This is a really great program," Bush said at a news conference last month, though he did not make any reference to the project's Christian foundation. "The response of this program has been a success, and I hope it expands throughout the entire state to every school in every school district."

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