Friday, September 08, 2006

It's Too Late

Blogger is eating posts today and I have lost two. I should know by now to keep a copy on the clipboard until I verify the post happened. I am slow, what can I say.
Now that it is over I will announce that I turned 57 today. There was little fanfare and only a few cards from faithful friends. Tragedy is best left unnoticed.

Madam and I did treat ourselves to a new bed today. I have noticed that I sleep better in hotels than I do at home and after checking found that the mattress we were sleeping on was 13 years old. Crikey!

We bought a new Beautyrest super-duper mattress and box springs for way too much money and it was delivered today. Madam is already asleep(watching TCM) so that is a good sign. I am about to indulge and will report in a couple of days if the mattress is as good as it's price. (I should sleep for days.)

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