Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What's Missing?

I know it has been pretty quiet here but that is what happens when the real job takes most of every day and sleep becomes the priority in your life. Just back from the client with a quick stop for dinner. If your interested Appleby's has a new menu that highlights some items purportedly designed by Tyler Florence of Food Network fame. Not too bad actually.

Anyhow, in the few minutes before I crash I have been trying to catch up on the day's happenings and one thing in particular struck me while reading the redacted NIE released today.

Even the "cherry-picked" parts declassified by the Bush bunch are damning and are complete in documenting the scope of the disaster of Iraq and it's contribution toward making us less safe and increasing world wide terrorism. One wonders if this is the stuff they will let us see, as damning as it is, what is it that we can't see? How damaging is what we can't see? There must be some really bad news in the unseen stuff if we can't even see it. Just a question...but logically one must assume that the really damaging stuff is still classified. We all know that Bush and company always play straight with us, don't we?

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