Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Lots to Do

I know there hasn't been much activity here since I got back. No excuse other than that I am just tired both mentally and physically from the China expedition. The cold I acquired is not much better and as such sleep is not too hot and I am still "fuzzy". Still have to do expense reports and prepare my report for the client so that is going to occupy my time over the next few days as well.

I have manged to catch up on some of the goings on and all I can say is it is just as depressing or even more so today than it was two weeks ago. Reports have it that in spite of being a certified loon Katherine Harris will get the nod in Florida. Please people have you no decency?

Iraq is continuing to spiral down and down into all out anarchy with hundreds of Iraqi being found bound, tortured and executed over the weekend. American soldiers are still taking it hard as well with 14 killed in the 5 days of September already.

If you haven't been reading Glenn Greenwald over at Unclaimed Territory, then you should be as he take Mark Steyn and the other cowardly war mongers to task. We are fortunate these people weren't leading the country a couple of hundred years ago or we would just be a couple of provinces of Canada now.

Anyhow, there is plenty of stuff to read on the blogroll with Sumo, PoP, Bobby and yes Neil Shakespeare is back to his tricks. Of course, there is always great things going on at Firedoglake which should be on everybody's must read. Oh, and Steve over at YDD points us to the ironic laugh of the day from the Houston paper and the AP.

It's OK if you cry....

White House claims progress in war against terror
Associated Press

WASHINGTON -- The Bush administration proclaimed significant progress in the war on terror today but said the enemy has adjusted to U.S. defenses and that "America is safer but we are not yet safe."

Releasing an updated counterterrorism strategy in advance of a speech that President Bush was set to give later in the day, the White House said: "The United States and our partners continue to pursue a significantly degraded but still dangerous al-Qaida network."

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