Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tennessee Again

Trying to get all my ducks in a row for another week in the wilds of western Tennessee. Have a flight at o'dark thirty in the morning(0745) so it will be an early night tonight. I'll have to roll out of bed at about 400a so I can be on the way to the airport by about 0530a. The only good thing about the early morning trips to the airport are the lack of traffic. I headed for the airport at 0700a last Monday and it took me nearly two hours to make what should be a 45 minute drive.

The client has decided that we need to start at 1100a on Mondays which requires us Atlanta based team members to get the earliest flight we can to Memphis which also means we have to fly the Delta Connection (ASA) which means a regional jet...most likely a CRJ-50 which is the 40 passenger version. Not my favorite mode of travel but it is only a 40 minute flight and there are no short runways in Atlanta to try and take off from.:-)

It is that time of year when packing the right clothes becomes problematical. Is it going to be cool or hot or somewhere in between? Last week was a little cool but should be a little warmer next week.

The length of this project should put us right in the middle of the changing leaves in Tennessee which will be nice. I only wish my camera would come back from the shop so I can get some pictures. I'll be able to spend a little time here in the evenings but, as usual, when I am on a client site my Internet wandering takes a back seat. Everybody have a great week.

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