Sunday, September 03, 2006

Safely Home

We're back and none the too worse for wear. Long day yesterday and all total about 30 hours of travel with the long layover in Tokyo. Predictably the luggage was a day behind and apparently was loaded on the wrong plane in Chicago but managed to get delivered late today.

Madam Monk seemed to be pleased with her 100% silk duvee and cover. I know it is a little domestic but how often do you see a king size duvee made completely from silk including the batting. SIlk kinda makes it more romantic, right? I watched them make the batts at the factory and they take the double cocoons and stretch them first over a frame to fluff them out and then out into very thin layers and then stack these layers together to make the quilt. There is something like 30,000 cocoons in a king size duvee batt not counting the cover.

I also bought a piece of jade. A gorgeous white jade dragon about 10 inches long. I have a thing for dragons and nothing is more symbolic of China. My guide said it was good jade as it was very translucent.

Ok enough for now as I was just reporting in. Blogger wouldn't let me this morning so I am a bit delayed. More tomorrow when I am not so zoned.

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