Thursday, September 14, 2006

Shoot Self in Foot--Reload

Interesting concept, If we protect ourselves from terrorism the terrorists win. Only someone in the Bush cabal could say this in public and keep a straight face.

The argument goes like this…OBL's goal is to bankrupt us, make us spend all our money trying to protect ourselves and then our economy collapses and then they win. This means that if we scan cargo coming into the US to make sure it doesn't contain nuclear material we’ll be spending money and that is just what the terrorists want us to. Therefore, the financial wizard and terrorist thwarting Chertoff is foiling Osama by not spending any money on checking for nukes in cargo containers. Brilliant! And we thought your Katrina response was your finest moment.

We are not, of course, supposed to notice or comment on the disastrous adventure in Iraq that's costing us nearly $100 billion a year. A couple of week’s worth of the spending we are doing in Iraq would cover the inspection of all the cargo.

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