Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Hate and Division After

I am kind of keeping a low profile election wise right now. I have decided that any contribution I have to make has been made and I am afraid of contributing to more of the divisiveness that is already rampant. Most of it is coming from the right and the McSame camp but still I think there is enough crap floating around without me adding to it.

In just a couple of weeks(and the election can't come soon enough for me) we will most likely have a new and Democratic President. I really don't see how the momentum can be reversed at this point without some extraordinary event changing the game completely. I do wonder, however, what is going to happen to the blizzard of racist, alarmist, xenophobic, innuendo-laden accusations being splattered at Obama who it appears will be the next President. All this pent up anger and hate is not just going to vanish the day after the election. All of the effort by the GOP to follow the traditional Rovian script of fear-based and smear-based politics and divide this country into two camps at each others throats is fortuneately not doing an effective job of changing the dynamics of the election but they are generating much hate and discontent that will continue to fester long after the election is history.

There is going to be plenty for a new President Obama to do without having to overcome the additional burden of a divided country who feels that he is a closet Muslim terrorist and Goddess who knows what else. It is just a real shame that the political dialogue has devolved in the country into the state it has and with McSame sliding in the polls, you can expect his campaign to get even uglier.

So anyway, if you are looking for politics here then you are probably going to be disappointed. I have cast my vote and I urge you to do the same. That I think Barack Obama is the choice we need to make goes without saying. And yes, I will probably still blog something about the campaign before it is all over but it will be an accident. Really.

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