Monday, October 13, 2008

Right Direction

The market is going in the correct direction this morning now that world leaders have decided to take direct approach. It's up about 400 points as I write this. Let's just hope that it can manage to recover some of the 10 years worth of losses it suffered last week and make the saving I've done during that period a non negative. That would be a good thing.

It's not over yet and we are still going to see a recession. I am still going to plant a big garden this spring and we are still canning fruit like mad. We have finished the apples and now are going after the pears. I have had to buy jars but they are reusable and the fruit was free for the picking. I think I am ahead. All the apple and pear scraps that have gone into my kitchen scrap compost can is making the back yard smell like a winery. You can smell the heavy scent of fermentation just as soon as you get close to that corner of the yard. This will go into the compost tumbler next weekend with grass clippings and get a proper composting but right new it is pretty heady.

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