Friday, October 03, 2008

It's Toast

Well they passed the bailout or at least the Dems did and the Rethugs still stayed away in majority. Let us pray that this is just a temporary thing until the new administration is in place an Obama takes of his Reagan mask and actually begins to govern like a progressive.
This bill stinks to high heaven but as I have said I think it was a political necessity to get us by the election and into new water. Left as it is there is very little expectation that any of this vast amount of money will ever reach main street and what we will see is a repeat on a much larger scale is something similar to what Japan experienced and is still experiencing from their financial disaster in the '80s. We will enter a recession that will last for years and years and probably won't actually disappear until the financial system is truly fixed.
I am not sure but the time it took Bush to sign this sucker may have set a record...from Congress to White House to law in hours.
A few hours ago I though I was having cramps but is was just my wallet writhing in pain.

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