Friday, October 17, 2008

Rain Today

Hooray, we should get a bit of rain today. I am up really early so I can be in the garden at first light to get my cover crop in before it does rain. I got one last pass with the tiller in last evening and I should do another but I need to take advantage of the rain so that is all the tilling until spring. So I am off to plant the cereal rye, clover, vetch and Austrian peas for which all the rabbits will be mighty glad. It will be quite the feast when it is all up.

You folks play nice until later.

Update: All done though it required working in a light rain. Ran out of seed before I got completely covered but I will order more in a moment and have it rushed. I can get it done next week. It was just barely light out and two owls serenaded me while I worked. Maybe they are envisioning all the field mice that will find food and harbor in the garden when all the grain comes up and they were hooting me on?

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