Friday, October 31, 2008

Another Notch in My Carbon Footprint

The guys are here this morning pumping another 6-8 inches of fiberglass into the attic. It is the next to the last bit in my effort to cut my energy bills in half. The only thing left is the bay window in the living room. It's only single pane so it needs to go. After this install I will be at r-59, or better, and should never have to use any energy at all in heating the house just body heat...well maybe just a little bit.

Update: Actually it turned out to be 12 inches plus and they put in a big styrofoam box over the attic stairs for no additional charge. Looks like a big snowfall in the attic now. Seriously, this should save me some significant dollars on my heating and cooling bills. Here in Atlanta I would imagine savings on air conditioning will be the biggest savings as electricity to run the A/C is a bigger expense here in the South than the gas bills for winter heat.

It was a really good experience with this company. In and out in a couple of hours. No mess and what little insulation got loose they cleaned up. If you are in the Atlanta area and need some insulation I would recommend WilServ in Buford. Not often you get a good experience with a contractor nowadays.

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